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Kathleen Mosher

Kathleen Mosher

What is your experience/relationship with South Shore Health?

South Shore Health was my only paying job my whole life! I was born at South Shore Hospital in 1950, began working in the Dietary department as a teenager, and joined the nursing staff in 1970. I'm also a Weymouth native and it's a defining piece of our community. I stay involved because it's a large part of my history and home, and I've met so many wonderful, lifelong friends there.

What do you want others to know about the care provided by SSH?

I'm biased, of course, but I just hope that people know what a wonderful resource we have here. It has evolved so much through the years and the care is parallel to the care you would find in Boston. Dana-Farber is here, Brigham & Women's is here, Children's is here. Why go to Boston when Boston has come to us?! These affiliations are hugely impressive.

What do you think the most urgent health need is, right now, on the South Shore?

Mental Health and substance use disorder are huge needs, especially due to the pandemic. I know many family members and friends that are struggling right now. It has mushroomed in the last year and many wait months and months to get the right help. Without the right help, it's very difficult to overcome. I was very happy to see the Grayken Center for Treatment become part of the health system.

Why do you think investing in local healthcare programs is so important? Where would you like to see your gift directed?

People everywhere, in all stages of life, deserve to have access to excellent healthcare. In order to maintain that level of excellence, programs need to be expanded; education needs to be offered; equipment needs to be updated; and facilities need to be improved. All of which, of course, requires funding. I would like to see my gift used to support nursing education and provide leadership opportunities for our nurses.

What would you tell someone who may be thinking about making a legacy gift to South Shore Health?

It's so easy to do! And it's not taking away from your current income/means. There is no better way to show appreciation for the care that South Shore Health has provided for you, and your family and friends. Whether you experienced the birth of a baby at South Shore Hospital, utilized the emergency department, or received a joint replacement, philanthropy plays a huge role in ensuring that these services and more will continue to be available, close to home.