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Clayton W. Nash

Clayton W. Nash

Clayton W. Nash Legacy Story taken by accounts of Rick Nash (Clayton, Great Uncle to Rick)

Clayton W. Nash was born October 27, 1891, Weymouth MA. Youngest and smallest of 7 children, when he was a baby he slept in a drawer of his parent's bureau. Clayton wanted to be a farmer and attended U-Mass Amherst which was then called Mass Agriculture, during that time. He decided on studying law while in school and followed in the footsteps of his brothers Tom and Ken Nash (Judge of the district courts). Clayton Nash took his LL.B. at Northeastern University and was successfully engaged in the practice of law in Dedham and living in Weymouth.

Clayton was very honorable and honest community representative. Clayton's wife Marion was a long term volunteer at South Shore Hospital. Clayton served as a longtime board member South Shore Hospital. South Shore Hospital was always in Clayton's thoughts, he believed it was such a great place for the community to have access to healthcare and he was proud of the nobility of the hospital to never turn away care due to the inability to pay. Clayton was one of the longest living diabetics in the community and managed his diabetes exceptionally well, living to be 89 years of age.

Clayton was a Weymouth guy he was born and bred and lived his whole life in Weymouth. He was very pleased to serve on the hospital board and participate in the growth of the hospitals facilities and programming knowing that the hospital could provide comfort to the residents in the community. He would be happy to see his gift has helped so many in the community and will continue to grow and support South Shore Health future while leaving a lasting Legacy for future generations.

Clayton W. Nash Trust left behind an endowment to South Shore Health we are so thankful for the generosity of Clayton and his family. Please consider creating a Legacy at South Shore Health to provide the comfort of care for future South Shore residents.